Website Design

Who would’ve thought that what was once just considered a personal online journal or diary for most of us has now proven to have benefits we couldn’t even have imagined few years ago? Blogging has now proven to create miracles for businesses from conveying an idea to earning your first dollar. It genuinely established a name for itself and it is now regarded as one of the most effective marketing strategies. Not only do businesses derive advantage from its breadth of purview, but it can also save companies millions in advertising fees.

Just like in any other social media platforms, regular updates are essential to keep a sustainable relationship with potential clients or customers. Your clients are looking solutions, tips and advice for their problems, so you have to give them what they want. They are your patrons after all. Every website or blog must be able to flaunt everything it has to offer – from the blog design to the ease of closing a deal. You have to make a great impression and make sure to draw it out!

You deserve only the best services in online marketing. In FeCherry Digital Marketing and Branding Strategies, we will not just provide you with affordable blog development services, but we can also help you with website management and search engine optimization through the most powerful blogging tool, WordPress. With the help of WordPress, you’ll see instant and clear results from blogging, from tracking your new followers among your customer base to improved online search ranking.

So how can we really make most out of WordPress to improve your SEO?

  • Development. FeCherry will help you establish your company’s image by giving your blog a fresh and fetching look by developing a responsive mobile-ready website.

  • Management. We will help you in updating your blog regularly. We will keep it up-to-date and interactive.

  • Strategy. Content is the king. We’ll help you with the creation of content strategy and optimize your blog for keywords, phrases, and other important elements of SEO.

E-mail us  info (at) now and start your best blogging experience!

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Social Media

Social Media has proven its worth, and many successful companies attest to that. Using Social Media to augment your existing advertising plan will greatly benefit your company in many areas of marketing, sales, branding, client relations, and customer satisfaction. FeCherry will help your company create a beautiful online identity and we will make sure that you get relevant response from potential customers.

Let FeCherry aid you in your online marketing needs and let us be your partner in your company’s success. Social Media is an everyday changing tool, with hundreds of branches. We plan and create custom solutions for your target customers; so, you will have a roadmap of where to focus your energy and investment on.

Social Media Platforms

  • Making a name and establishing an image through Websites. With the help of WordPress, boost your online presence by developing your company’s own website! Let your potential customers know more about your company, your services, and your contact details.

  • Communicating through Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Promote your products and services through these three powerful social media platforms and get solid results! Make your communication with your customers interactive by giving them the chance to be updated with promos and events, to comment and give their own opinions, and to share to their friends.

  • Video sharing through Youtube. Be the talk of the town by going viral on Youtube!

  • Blogging through WordPress, Tumblr or Pinterest. Share your thoughts, ideas, and promotions through these 3 blogging sites!

  • Sharing where you are through Foursquare. Let the world know the people who go to your local business by checking in on their location!

  • Managing through Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Handle all your social media accounts with the help of just one tool! Through Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, you’ll be able to easily track and supervise updates and responses by only using one powerful dashboard.

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Search engines have become the major sources of traffic for most websites. As they become more and more prominent, so is Search Engine Marketing.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes both paid options (through PPC or Pay per Click) and cheaper options (through SEO or Search Engine Optimization) where you take advantage of natural and free traffic.

But always remember, your primary aim is get targeted site visitors to come and discover your website. You will need individuals who are looking for solutions in your market to go to your site. If no-one is viewing your website, or none of your site visitors are actually searching for the products you’re selling, then they may not become customers.

So search engine optimization or SEO is a technique used to obtain targeted traffic and visitors to your site or business. The key purpose for optimizing your site for the search engines like Google is to make it simpler for the potential customers to find your website.

There are two main areas to SEO – On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. Beyond this, there are other elements that are more involved with ensuring you have a living, interactive website. Getting a good ranking in a search engine hasn’t been the easiest thing for many. Search engines are getting more smarter & intelligent everyday, so now it takes more than just link-building to top your competitors.

On-page optimization isone of the very first step of SEO..If you can do proper on-page optimization for your website you can not only rank well in a search engine but also can increase the overall readability of your website for your visitors, targeting visual relevancy toward your keywords.

Now on the other hand, what is off-page optimization? Well that’s the procedure in which you build the popularity of web pages on your site by building back links to it from other sites or web pages.

From On page SEO to Off Page SEO, FeCherry Digital Marketing and Branding Strategies can take care of your needs which may include:

  • Keyword Research – FeCherry will help you identify good and profitable keywords that are both high in buyer intent, search volume, and fairly easy to rank for.
  • Competition Analysis – We will analyze the market and your competitors to develop ideas that will make your business stand out. This is to make sure that customers recognize your site even if they had to go through any other options.
  • Site Optimization – FeCherry will diagnose your site, identify areas for improvements or corrections, and make the necessary adjustments. All is done to make your site not only effective for search engines but also serve as a valuable resource for online visitors.
  • Content Creation, Optimization, and Marketing – As they say, “content is king”. Actually, all pages that we see across the web are all about content. FeCherry will help make sure that you are using high quality content that will satisfy both the standards of the search engines and the actual users.
  • Directory Submission – This can be a time consuming task and also less effective if done the wrong way. FeCherry will provide you the cheapest but most valuable deal when it comes to submitting your business information to leading online directories. Directory submission can then become a foundation for your online presence.
  • Forum Link Building – Forums are simply online communities where you find real people presenting all types of problems and solutions in your market. We will help you become recognized through forums and help you identify or match the solutions you offer to the needs of your potential client.
  • Any other form of Link Building – You may be aware of the constant revisions in Google algorithms, which can instantly affect your site either in a negative or positive way. FeCherry continuously updates SEO techniques to be in line with the latest search engine standards. You can expect ethical and risk free link building in our techniques without spending a fortune.


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