Why Facebook and Google+ is very important for small businesses?

While Facebook is the de la creme of social networking sites, there’s no denying that Google+ plus will make history in the next few years (or months!).

Facebook is irrefutably one of the most effective marketing tools of all time, and many companies attest to that. Marketing strategies are never complete without this social media platform. It revolutionized the way businesses connect to their customers. Small businesses truly benefit from this because it is cost-efficient and the scope is unbelievable. Not only can small businesses build a wide network of potential customers, but they can also establish an enduring linkages.

We all know that Google is a search engine like no other, and making its own social networking site will definitely change the game soon. And because Google is THE search engine, no wonder Google+ will overwhelm search results and page ranking. It will be the next big thing especially to businesses.

Small businesses should start utilizing Google+ and make it part of their marketing game plan. Aside from increasing social fame and interaction, small businesses can also boost their online presence through search popularity and page ranking.

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